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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Miracle Worker 1962 edition Review...

Hello, today I am going to be reviewing the 1962 version of the movie The Miracle Worker starring Anne Bancroft & a young Patty Duke. Its about the story of Helen Keller (Duke) & her teacher a young blind woman named Annie Sullivan (Bancroft).  Helen Keller was both blind and deaf due to being stricken with Scarlet fever when she was a baby, I thought it was comparable to being Autistic in some ways as those with Autism are similarly in there own world as well.  You see the parents had pondered throwing a young Helen into an asylum, (that`s where those with Autism went to back as well, which is why there are lot of people in denial that Autistic adults exist today but that is another story). However they brought in 20 year old Annie Sullivan from Boston who was also blind as child but had some sight restored after numerous operations to help her.  To make the story short Annie Sullivan’s related similar experiences helped tremendously (as Annie was blind and had some sight restored through many operations) to help with Helen, so In my view the its best for Autism parents to let those on the spectrum help out to there children like Annie did with Helen, sure times have changed but this story has not.
In conclusion this is wonderful movie and thumbs up! Worth the buy if you see the dvd sometime

Directed by Arthur Penn, and starring Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan & a young Patty Duke as Helen
Rated G for all see

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello everyone, I want everyone to know I do NOT support SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act),PIPA (Protect IP Address Act) & related bills,because not only as a blogger, but as an Autistic person who is a visual thinker as well who needs to link stories,videos etc to make my points. This bill is threat to those outside the U.S. by the greedy MPAA,RIAA, & there rich business lobbyist friends,this bill is all about power,money & control of information both the U.S. & around the world . These organizations will end up flooding the courts with frivolous lawsuits  and even innocent people will be caught in the middle as well. Here are some links as to why it's dangerous,which in turn they have links to what these bills are & petition to stop it (U.S. only). Thank you...